Saturday, November 19, 2011

Real work is annoying

Sorry for the lack of new missions. I am smack dab in the middle of term papers. New mission will come out on Thursday. In the mean time. play spearhead or read a book or something.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mission number 4. Miracle in Hanger 34.

500-1250 points
4x4 Board.
If you have space hulk tiles they will work great!
Set up: you going to make a bunch of corridors with a big room in the middle. Put barricades and stuff in the corridors.  It should resemble a ship (I bet you see where this is going)
Deployment.  One group of boarders and one group of defenders. The boarders will come on the board via access points rule or can be held in reserve.Defenders start in the center of the board.
step up something like this.
 Boxes from your minis can work a treat here
Mission. The Defenders must seal all the breachs and halt the advance of the boarders. The boarders must Collect a series of objectives places through out the board by the Defender.

Special rules
Access points. All units coming on from reserve will use these points. You will need 5 generosly spaced out around the board.number them 1-5. When a unit comes on from reserve roll a D6. The unit will come on at that access point. On a roll of 6 the controlling player may choose. The defender can seal an access point on a role of 5+.
Doors. Place doors in logical areas. A door can be opened or closed by any model in base contact with it. If a door is open and an enemy is within inch of the model that opened the door. Have both models move 1 inch back (for a total of 2 inchs) to simulate jumping back in surprise. For some added depth you can assign armour values to your doors. Any unit my choose to shoot or assault a door. A penetrate removes it from play.
Overwatch. A throw back to an edition I never played. A unit may go into overwatch if it is in effective firing range of a closed door. When the door opens you may make an out of sequence shooting attack at the unit in question. You must be facing the door. Pass a leadership test to establish overwatch and if the overwatch unit is assaulted it is at I1 for the first round to simulate their distracted nature.

Rat Holeing. Any unit with grenades or Melta weapons may choose to make a new door between sections of hallway. on a roll 2D6. On a roll of 7 or better a new path is made and you may move through it. You must take a difficult terrain test to move through this path. When rolling to blast open the path doubles cause a wound. Armour saves allowed.
Night fight is in effect, the defending player rolls to end night fight on a 3+ after turn 3.

This mission is how I imagine boarding actions in 40k. I didn’t ban tanks cause I think it’s reasonable for them to be on the board. I mean if I were an ork you’d better believe I’d bring a truck on a boarding party! Just use some common sense though. Roll dangerous terrain on corners or at barricades.

A shout out to the scholarly gentlemen at the 11th company for inspiring this mission and Pat for interviewing me. click this link, listen to the show and join the forums. It'll make you taller