Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Templar and Night lords!

Black Templars were my first 40k army. I loved that they were Marine who just wanted the best things in life. A nice ship to fly around in, awesome bros to pal around, and to crush the enemies of the Emperor and saw off limbs with swords. Right after 5th edition dropped I went to codex Marines. I like to have lots of guns a trait the Black Templars didn't seem to share. But the Templars always were something I wanted to get back to. I think I can make a pretty effective and neat list using them as allies for codex Marines.

Keeping with my current love for Drop-pods I kind of am looking into a list that couples the awesome small arms of the Sternguard and the raw power of the Black Templar Terminator. Templar Terminators can take drop pods, the Current FAQ makes the Templar Drop Pod Assault the Turn 1 deep strike found in newer books. The Terminator/Sternguard attack opens up a lot of interesting options. On turn 1 I have 5 melta shots and 4 tank hunter missiles I can fire into armour or infantry. The missiles give me enough reach to counter fast vehicles.

Further I'm just about set to get in my first real game with my Chaos Marines. My list is going to be pretty simple. A good mix of Armour and dismounted infantry. It'll look something like this:


Level 3 Slaanesh Sorcerer 

10 Noise marines 8 sonic blasters, 1 Blastmaster, doom siren, Power Weapon

10 CSM, CC Weapons, x2 Melta power sword MoS

10 CSM bolters, Auto cannon, plasma gun MoS

20 CCW cultists with 2 flamers

5 Havocs, 4 Auto Cannons

1 Defiler

1 Heldrake

1 Vindicator

1 bastion with quad gun

As a first step I feel pretty confident with this list. Most of the units can fill multiple rolls on the table top. I'm going to try for two games this weekend and will be sure to post up some thoughts on the list next week!

I hope your holidays were fantastic!